Success story

Success story
Aktobe rail-and-beam plant LLP

Aktobe rail-and-beam plant LLP has been operating since 2015. Main activity: production of a rail of 120 meter length, such technology in the CIS countries is mastered for the first time.

The project has invested more than 550,0 million US dollars, with 800 jobs created.

The plant produces railway rails in the amount of 200 thousand tons per year, metal products-230 thousand tons per year.

In 2015, a gas-piston power plant with a capacity of 40 MW was put into operation. At the end of 2016, electricity production will exceed 250,0 million kW.

Aktobe rail-and-beam plant LLP is a "green" investment in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The plant will be organized the first in Kazakhstan the technology of zero-discharge industrial production.

The project is innovative, high-tech and competitive, which allowed to create new jobs, safe electricity production, reduce the deficit of electricity in Aktobe region.

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