Socio-entrepreneurial Corporation

Tasks of SEC “Aktobe” JSC

Goals of “ SEC “Aktobe” JSC is based on solving the following main tasks:

  • The achievement of goals and objectives which were recommended by Specialized Council on SEC issues under the Government of RK
  • Creating an effective system of state assets management
  • Implementing principles of social responsibility of business in the region;
  • Creating competitive, export-oriented industries based on public-private partnerships;
  • Creating a favorable environment for attracting investment and innovation;
  • Implementation of business projects, including based on concessions and cluster initiatives;
  • Creating institutional conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Using Profit to solve regional and social problems;
  • Promoting economic image of the region in domestic and foreign markets;
  • Improving the performance of small and medium enterprises through the development of cluster production and implementation of new technologies;
  • Forming a base of business projects, financing and creating conditions for their implementation.
  • The solution of the above tasks will be carried out by SEC “Aktobe” JSC through implementation of its own and joint projects.
The subject of activity of “ SEC “Aktobe” JSC is:
  • creating a favorable economic environment for attracting investment and innovation;
  • participation in the development and implementation of investment projects;
  • exploration, extraction, processing of minerals, including common ones;
  • interaction with government agencies on transferring a part of state-owned assets, land to ownership of society;
  • activity in agro-industrial complex, support for the development of agro-industrial complex
  • acquisition of fixed assets, including breeding animals, with subsequent transfer based on leasing to agricultural producers ;
  • production, processing, purchase and sale of agricultural products.

The purpose of transferring state-owned assets to SEC is their effective use in commercial activities, aimed to attracting investment and implementing new projects.

The main principles of activity of SEC “Aktobe” JSC

The activity is based on the principle of transparency, which means, transparency of corporate management system, the principle of completeness – with balanced support for initiatives, both private and public sectors of the economy and the principle of priority, which means a preference for projects that reflect solutions to socially significant problems of the region.

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