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Information for potential participants

industrial zone "Aktobe"

The industrial zone is located in the industrial zone of Aktobe, on the “Western Europe - Western China” highway, 12 km from the city center, 65 km from the border with the Russian Federation (Orenburg Region).

The area of the industrial zone is 200 hectares (free area is 53 hectares).

The main advantages of the industrial zone:

  • ready industrial infrastructure;
  • low energy tariff;
  • flexibility before investors;
  • convenient transport logistics;
  • support of projects on the principle of "one window";

Industrial Zone Management

Governing body of the industrial zone is LLP "UKIZ" (UKIZ - The management company of the industrial zone "Aktobe"), a subsidiary of JSC "NC "SEC "Aktobe".

The investment project must meet the following conditions:

  • The use of modern technologies and equipment to ensure high productivity and environmental requirements;
  • Competitiveness of products / services;
  • Export orientation or import substitution of products / services;
  • Lack of similar products in the region;
  • Good experience and reputation of the project company;
  • Availability of sources of project financing in full;

Priority activities in IZ:

  • oil and gas processing;
  • oil and gas engineering
  • oil and gas service
  • mining and smelting complex;
  • chemical industry;
  • production of building materials;
  • transport logistics;
  • services for enterprises of IZ "Aktobe".

Procedures for the approval and registration of the applicant as a participant in the industrial zone

  • filing by the applicant to the management company IZ of the application for his registration as a participant in this IZ;
  • consideration by the management company of the relevant documents regarding: the priority of the project for placement in the IZ, the reasonableness of the requested area of the land plot to the needs of the investment project, the lack of production of similar products in the Aktobe region;
  • submitting the issue for consideration by the regional coordination council (RCC) to receive recommendations on the project;
  • in the case of a positive recommendation of the RCC, the issue of approval of the project at the Board of Directors of JSC “NK “SEC “Aktobe”;
  • in the case of a positive decision of the CD SEC, the management company sends an offer to the applicant, indicating the period during which the applicant and the management company must sign an agreement for the implementation of the investment project in the IZ;

Requirements for the participant of the industrial zone and the criteria for the selection of investment projects of participants for placement in the IZ.

Basic requirements for the project:

  • individual entrepreneur, legal entity;
  • execution of the approved project implementation schedule (specified in the project implementation agreement between the applicant and IZ management company);
  • Violation of the project implementation terms entitles the IZ management company to terminate contractual obligations without returning the costs incurred by the applicant;
  • the use of advanced technologies, high value added, demand for products, the level of redistribution of products, opportunities for export, economic, budget, social effects for the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • the amount of the applicant's own and attracted investments in fixed assets (CAPEX) of the investment project must be at least 120 million tenge ($ 375,000) per 1 hectare of land allocated to it;

Terms of participation in IZ

  • The state provides the infrastructure (railway, road, gas pipeline, power line, OVLS) to the outer borders of the IZ and along the central axis IZ. Connection to the infrastructure is free of charge;
  • Payment for consumed services - by metering devices;
  • The cost of infrastructure maintenance under a separate contract with the management company IZ;
  • Initially, the land plot is transferred to the participant IZ for rent up to 49 years;
  • Signs an investment contract with an investment project implementation schedule. For the period of construction of facilities - up to 4 years, the participant IZ rents the land for free, only pays the land tax;
  • After the fulfillment of obligations under the investment contract (commissioning of the facility and the start of production), the participant IZ has the right to buy out the land or leave it in a long-term lease;
  • In case of non-fulfillment of the project implementation schedule, the land is withdrawn;

Information for the participant-investor IZ

Participant IZ - creates infrastructure facilities on its (acquired / rented) land plot at its own expense.

Before commissioning of the project (no more than 4 years):

  • land rent - free;
  • land tax –101 thousand KZT ($ 306) / 1 hectare / year;

After commissioning of the project:

The rental price is set according to the formula 1/20 of the cadastral value of the land plot plus the land tax rate set for the relevant year.

The rental price is set according to the formula 1/20 of the cadastral value of the land set on the date of the conclusion of the sublease agreement plus the cost of the land tax established for the corresponding year (about 201 thousand tenge ($ 4,300) / 1 ha / year for 2018).

The cost of acquiring a land plot is set at the cadastral value of the land plot as of the date of the conclusion of the contract for the sale of land (for 2018 - about 13.0 million T ($ 70,000) / 1 hectare).

The minimum area of purchase / lease of 1 ha, the maximum area of 20 hectares.

For more information contact the phone number: +7 (7132) 74-20-44

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