Information about the region

Information about the region

Aktobe region is a large industrial region of Kazakhstan. The basis of the industrial sector is the mining and chemical industry, ferrous metallurgy. Mineral reserves are: gas-144.9 billion m3, oil-243.6 million tons, oil and gas condensate-32.7 million tons. There are large deposits of chromite (1st place in the CIS), nickel-cobalt ores, phosphorite, potassium salts, etc.

In the region there are enterprises "CNPC-Aktobemunaygas", "Aktobenefteprovod" (Kenkiyak — Orsk oil pipeline, 362 km), plants "Aktyubrentgen", agricultural machinery, ferroalloys (AZF), chromium compounds (AZHS), "Aktobemunai", chemical plant, Aktobe-Shilisai production association, construction materials plant, furniture factory, Aktobe Sweets factory, aircraft repair plant, Zhanazhol gas condensate plant (2 million tons of oil and 0.8 billion m3 of gas per year), etc.



300 629 sq. km.


Neighboring regions and countries:

  • in the north - Orenburg
  • in the south - Karakalpakstan
  • in the west - Atyrau


Climatic conditions

  • The climate is sharply continental; winters are cold, summers are hot and dry.
  • Dry winds and dust storms are frequent in summer, and blizzards in winter.


Geographical data

Aktobe region is located in the north-western part of Kazakhstan and is located in two parts of the world – in Europe and Asia. The length of the territory from north to south is about 700 km, from east to west about 800 km. The area of the second largest region of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 300.6 thousand km2 and occupies about 11% of the country's territory.

About the Region

The region is divided into 12 districts and 1 city of regional subordination (city administration):
  1. Alginsky district-RC city of Alga (20,239 people)
  2. Aitekebiysky district-Komsomolskoye village RC (6447 people)
  3. Bayganinsky district - RC village of Karauylkeldy (8616 people)
  4. Irgizsky district-Irgiz village RC (5742 people)
  5. Kargalinsky district — RC Badamsha settlement (5,466 people)
  6. Martuk district-rc Martuk village (10,213 people)
  7. Mugalzhar district - RC Kandyagash city (33,725 people)
  8. Temirsky district — RC village of Shubarkuduk (12,991 people)
  9. Wilsky district — RC village of Uil (5,460 people)
  10. Khobdinsky district - rc aul Kobda (5348 people)
  11. Khromtau district — RC city of Khromtau (25,467 people)
  12. Shalkar district-RC city of Shalkar (28,088 people)
  13. city of Aktobe (Aktyubinsk).
There are 8 cities in the region (Aktobe, Alga, Zhem, Kandyagash, Temir, Khromtau, Shalkar, Emba), 4 urban-type settlements

Population 924,4

(as of September 1, 2022, thousand people)


GRP 101,5

(January-June 2022 to January-June 2021,%)


Inflation 17,2

(September 2022 to September 2021,%)


Average monthly salary 196060

(I quarter of 2021, tenge)


Unemployment rate 4,8

( II quarter of 2022,%)

*Excluding small businesses engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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