GRP of the Aktobe region is 1.9 trillion tenge (the share of the regional GRP in the GRP of the Republic of Kazakhstan was 4.9%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP, Aktobe region is in 8th place.

In the structure of the GRP of the Aktobe region, services account for 5.2% or 49 billion tenge, for goods - 94.7% or 895 billion tenge. At the same time, in GRP by goods, the largest volume fell on industrial production - 89.7% or 802 billion tenge, the share of agricultural products was 10.3% or 93 billion tenge.

The agro-industrial complex is one of the largest and socially significant sectors of the economy of Aktobe region, which accounts for 5.61% in the region's GRP. In the Aktobe region there are 731 thousand hectares of agricultural land, of which 150 thousand hectares are pastures, 58 thousand hectares of grasslands, 738 thousand hectares of acreage.

Crop production
In 2018, in the region, crops were placed on an area of ​​738 thousand hectares, of which wheat - 311 thousand hectares, fodder - 235 thousand hectares, cereals - 490 thousand hectares, oil crops - 48 thousand hectares, potatoes, vegetables , corn for feed and melons - 14 thousand ha.

The gross grain harvest (including wheat) was 8.5 thousand centners with an average yield of 22.5 centners per hectare, potatoes - 91 thousand centners with a yield of 163 thousand centners per hectare, vegetables - 815 thousand centners with a yield of 171.8 centner per hectare, corn for feed - 182 thousand centners with a yield of 72.3 centners per hectare, oilseeds - 152 thousand centners with a yield of 3.3 centners per hectare, melons - 177 thousand centners with a yield of 170.2 centners per hectare .

According to the results of 2018, there are 1.3 million heads of birds, 1 million heads of sheep and goats, 425 thousand heads of cattle, 111 thousand heads of horses, 52.7 thousand heads of pigs, 16.8 thousand heads of camels in the region .

Industry is the main industry of the region. The volume of industrial production in 2018 was 1.9 trillion tenge, which is 21.1% higher than the 2017 level.

It should be noted that 63.3% of industrial production in the region is accounted for the mining industry, the share of the processing industry was 30.1%, electricity supply - 5.8% and water supply - 0.6%.

The mining industry in 2018 produced products worth 508 million tenge. The volume index was 104.6%.

In 2018, the share of the manufacturing industry in the total industry structure of the region decreased by 1.1% by 2017. Manufacturing enterprises produced products in the amount of 241.7 billion tenge. The index of the physical volume of manufacturing output amounted to 108.8%.

In metallurgy, products worth 130 billion tenge were produced. The volume index to the corresponding period of 2017 was 130.4%.

Metallurgy in the region is represented by the Aktyubinsk Ferroalloy Plant of TNK Kazchrome JSC, the volume of which is more than 20% of Kazakhstan ferroalloy. In the production of food products produced in the amount of 20 billion tenge. The volume index to the corresponding period of 2017 was 104.3%.

In the chemical and related industries produced products in the amount of 25.4 billion tenge. IPV amounted to 100.6%.

In the chemical industry there are 17 enterprises. The largest of them are Aktyubinsk Plant of Chromic Compounds JSC (chromic anhydride, chromium oxide, sodium dichromate, chromium sulfate), Temir Service LLP (phosphate flour), KazTsKUBNitrokhim LLP (production of explosives).

In the production of refined products manufactured products in the amount of 19.6 billion tenge, while IFI amounted to 120.9%. In the machine-building industry, products were produced in the amount of 10.4 billion tenge, ifo to the corresponding period of 2017 amounted to 122.8%. In the production of non-metallic mineral products (brick, crushed stone, reinforced concrete products) products worth 12.9 billion tenge were produced, IFO 126.0%.

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