The GRP of Aktobe region for 2019 amounted to 1 383 billion tenge (the share of GRP of the region in the GRP of Kazakhstan was 5.0%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP Aktobe region is on the 6th place.

The main branches of the economy



The region is of great economic and strategic importance for Kazakhstan. The region is a world leader in chromium reserves, its volumes exceed 400 million tons. 40% of the national reserves of titanium and 55% of Nickel have been explored in the subsoil. 30 % of forecast hydrocarbon reserves are concentrated on the territory of the region, industrial oil reserves of the region are on the third place in the Republic.

There are large deposits of gold, silver, copper, zinc, cobalt, kaolin, phosphorites, petroleum bitumen rocks, raw materials for the production of building materials.

1st place in the ranking of the lowest natural gas tariffs in the Republic of Kazakhstan;




Huge potential of the land resource. Of the available 27.0 million hectares of agricultural land, only 37% is used.




Favorable geographical location at the intersection of aviation, railway, highways, near the Caspian sea. The territory of the region is located at the junction of Asia and Europe.

The length of public highways in Aktobe region is 6856.6 km, including: 1894 km of republican, 1262.8 km of regional and 3699.8 km of regional significance.

In the region there are highways of republican significance:

"Aktobe-Atyrau-RF border (to Astrakhan)".

There are regional highways:

“Aktobe-Rodnikovka- Martuk",
"Shalkar-Bozoi-border of RU (to Nukus)",
" Aktobe-Orsk "-Petropavlovka-Khazretovka".


Growth rates of economic sectors



(January-September 2022 in % of January-September 2021)




(January-September 2022 in % of January-September 2021)




(January-September 2022 in % of January-September 2021)




(January-September 2022 in % of January-September 2021)




(January-September 2022 in % of January-September 2021)




(January-September 2022 in % of January-September 2021)


Aktobe region has a unique mineral resource base. Gold, silver, cobalt, potassium salts, asbestos, kaolin, glass and stone-colored raw materials, natural facing materials, petroleum bitumen rocks, various raw materials for the production of building materials, mineral water and much more are hidden in the depths of the Aktobe region.

The estimated reserves of the main types of minerals are:
  1. oil - 1170.0 million tons. (7.69% in the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  2. free gas - 120.0 billion m3. (7.1% in the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  3. brown coal – 1330 million tons;
  4. Nickel-53 million tons of ore;
  5. marble-8.0 million cubic meters;
  6. copper ores 89.0 million tons of ore;
  7. chromites-250.0 million tons;
  8. phosphorites-896.0 million tons;
  9. sand-gravel mixture-130.4 million cubic meters;
  10. brick clay -25 million cubic meters;
  11. gypsum -23.5 million tons;
  12. lime per lime-35 million cubic meters.

In January-September 2019, industrial products were produced at current prices by 1409.6 billion tenge, which compared to the level of January-September 2018 amounted to 105.3%.


In the mining and quarrying industry, the industrial production index in January-September 2019 compared to January-September 2018 amounted to 108.6%. In the manufacturing industry, the index of industrial production in January-September 2019 compared to the level of January-September 2018 amounted to 99.7%. Production of chemical products decreased by 25.4%, production of other non-metallic mineral products-15.4%.


In electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, the index of industrial production in January-September 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 amounted to 100.7%.


In water supply, Sewerage system, control over waste collection and distribution, the industrial production index in January-September 2019 compared to January-September 2018 amounted to 109.2%.

The largest deposits of UVS are Severnaya Truva, Zhanazhol, Alibekmola; according to TPI-Priorskoye, 50 years of October (copper ores), Almaz-Zhemchuzhina, 40 years of KazSSR, 20 years of KAZ SSR (chromite ores) and Zhilyanskoye (potassium salts).

311 underground water deposits have been explored, of which 3 are for balneotherapy.

Aktobe region has significant opportunities for the development of oil and gas, mining and processing industries and related to the use of mineral raw materials industries. The region has a variety of minerals, the most important of which are hydrocarbons, ferrous metals-chromites, iron, non-ferrous and precious metals-copper, zinc, gold, silver, Nickel, cobalt, aluminum, titanium. There is a large Deposit of energy brown coal, deposits of mining chemical and ceramic raw materials. Deposits of nonmetallic and building materials are widespread. To provide cities, towns and industrial enterprises identified and explored numerous deposits of drinking and technical groundwater.

As of 2019, in the depths of the Aktobe region are concentrated:

  • 8.23% oil, 
  • 4.69% dissolved gas, 
  • 6.86% free gas, 
  • 3.50% condensate, 
  • 100% chromites, 
  • 5.2% iron, 
  • 5.8% copper, 
  • 7.8% zinc, 
  • 25.5% Nickel, 
  • 15.7% cobalt, 
  • 2.0% aluminum, 
  • 69.7% titanium, 
  • 29.9% zirconium, 
  • 4.0% gold, 
  • 3.4% silver, 
  • 4.0% brown coal, 
  • 34.5% phosphorites, 
  • 96.1% potassium salts, 
  • 88.8% vermiculite, 
  • 100% anthophyllite-asbestos, 
  • 28.8% kaolin from the Republican balance reserves.
Almost inexhaustible reserves of building materials: limestone, building stone, brick and cement raw materials, construction and quartz Sands, sand and gravel mixture, clays, gypsum, chalk, etc.; volumes of exploration and production are determined by the demand of consumers.

Resource and raw material base


The name of the field


Kherson, Velikhov Northern, Goryun, Velikhov Southern, Uzynsor, Ushkol, Shagarshin, Zhana-Daursky I, Benkalinsky, Benkalinsky Southern, Araltogaysky, Kiyaktinsky, Irgizsky, Kokbulak, Zhangiz


Benkalinskoye, Borly, Koskol – I, Balsalmic West, Akpan, Koskol, Sanas, South Ballymackey Anniversary Tactical, Sarlybay, Dzhilandy, Zhilandy


Sarcasme, South Kaindinski, Taldyk-Advisce


July, Kainda, Bugetysay, Geophysical-I, Geophysical-III-IV, Kitarsay



Kyanite sillimanite

Ľs Jol, Bala-Taldyk North, Brigade, Kitari

Quartz and quartzites



Anastasevskoe, Terenzi, Aulie, Zhanazhol, Novorossiysk, Achatinidae, Imola etc.


Tostao, the Cintas, Mare-Tobe, kumsi, Akshinskoe, Akzhar fair professional technical, Estimate, etc.


Sholak-Kayraktinsky, Altintas, Karatuzskoe,


Kainadinski, Sukhinovskiy


Kumsai, Taskuduk

Industry is the main sector of the region's economy. 60.8% of industrial production of the region is accounted for by the mining industry, the share of manufacturing industry was 32.2%, electricity-6.3% and water-0.7%. The share of the manufacturing industry in the total structure of the region's industry increased by 4.8%. The index of physical volume of output of the manufacturing industry amounted to 108.4%. Positive dynamics was mainly due to increase in volumes of output of a new Ferroalloy plant (plant number 4) JSC "TNK "Kazchrome", a rail and beam plant which is third in the world (after the USA and Japan), began to produce 120 meter rails.
Metallurgy in the region is represented by the Aktobe Ferroalloy plant of JSC " TNK "Kazchrom", the volume of which is more than 20% of the Kazakh Ferroalloy.
There are 17 enterprises operating in the chemical industry. The largest of them are JSC "Aktobe plant of chromium compounds" (chromium anhydride, chromium oxide, sodium bichromate, chromium sulfate), LLP "Temir service" (phosphate flour), LLP "Kaztskubnitrohim" (production of explosives).

Structure of industrial production of Aktobe region by types of economic activity in January-September 2021

Type of activity

Volume of production of industrial products (goods, services), thousand tenge

The share of activities in the regional volume of industrial production, in %

Mining and quarrying

Crude oil and natural gas production

Mining of metal ores

Technical services in the mining industry

886 291 165

501 509 033

222 538 627

144 328 262

Manufacturing industry

Food production

Beverage industry

449 216 108

42 648 640

3 028 369

Light industry

1 579 270

Production of coke and petroleum products

40 739 559

Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

36 478 946

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

4 191 436

Production of other non metallic mineral products

22 752 291

Metallurgical industry

261 514 531

Manufacture of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment

4 296 226


29 ;988 717

Furniture production

277 931

Manufacture of other finished products

3 547

Power supply, gas supply, steam and air conditioning

63 383 650

Water supply; Sewerage system, control over waste collection and distribution

10 730 486


1 621 409



Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the whole region in January-September 2019 amounted to 199.9 billion tenge, which is higher than the corresponding period of the previous year by 1.2%.
The growth of agricultural, forestry and fisheries production in January-September 2019 is due to an increase in the slaughter of livestock and poultry in live weight by 7.4%, the yield of raw cow's milk-by 3.2%, chicken eggs-by 0.8%.

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Aktobe region in January-September 2021 (million tenge)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

from it:


from it:

plant growing


199 903,4

199 414,0

74 297,1 (37,25%)

124 772,1 (62,74%)

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