Roads and transport

Car roads.

The total length of roads of the Aktobe region is 6,553 km, including 1,893 km of republican significance, 1,057 km of regional significance and 3602 km of regional significance.

The share of roads with hard surface is 86.7% of the total volume of public roads. This includes asphalt concrete and black pavement on 1,699.5 km and 1,175.6 km on republican and local roads, 2,046.6 km and 2,108.9 km of gravel and crushed stone, respectively, and also dirt roads on 942.2 km of local roads. values.

The density of roads in the Aktyubinsk region is 17.2 / 1000 km2, which is higher than in the neighboring Mangystau region (13.3) and lower than in the neighboring Atyrau region (18.6) and West Kazakhstan regions (30.3), as well as the national average (35.4 per 1000km2).

Aktobe region is connected with West-Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions through the Samara-Shymkent highway, with Atyrau region through the Aktobe-Atyrau-Astrakhan highway, with Kostanay region through the Aktobe-Astana highway.

Through highways in the north of Aktobe-Martuk-Russian border, Aktobe-Orsk, Karabutak-Komsomol-North-Ushkatta and in the north-west of Shubarkudyk-Wil-Kobda-Sol-Iletsk region has access to the Russian Federation.

In the Aktobe region, the implementation of the international investment megaproject "Western Europe - Western China" has been completed. The total length of the corridor is 8445 km, including the territory of Kazakhstan - 2787 km. Of these, 621 kilometers of a transport corridor were laid across the territory of the Aktobe region.

Railway transport

In Aktobe region, the length of railways in the region is 1514 km., The length of double-track railways of national importance is 531 km, 8 railway stations are in operation.

Through the railway network Aktobe region has access to:

  •     Kyzylorda region at Sekseul station;
  •     Atyrau region on Sagyz station;
  •     Kostanay region on Ayteke bi station;
  •     West Kazakhstan region at Zhaisan station;
  •     Southern Urals RF for the station Nikeltau.

Aktobe region is one of the leaders of the western region serving the main enterprises, such as TNK Kazchrome JSC, Donskoy GOK, Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant, a number of crushed stone plants and oil producing enterprises, including the largest one - SNPS Aktobemunaygaz JSC.

For cargo operations, 38 stations are open, where loading and unloading of cargo of various kinds is performed.

Loading at the road section is formed from a large number of cargo items, including chrome ore, oil, ferrous metal, scrap metal, chemicals, construction materials, industrial raw materials, grain, food products, etc.

Within the boundaries of the Aktyubinsk branch of the road there are 6 junction points: Art. Zhaisan, Orsk - New Town, Aiteke bi, Sagiz, Sekseul, Tassay, of which Orsk - New Town is an interstate junction and belongs to the South Ural Railway (RZD Russian Federation), Sekseul with Kyzylorda, Sagiz with Atyrau, Zhaisan with Ural , Aytekebi with Kostanay and Tassay with Mangystau branches of the road. There are 96 separate points, including stations - 54, roundabouts - 36, a block of posts - 6.

Air traffic

In the Aktobe region operates 1 airport. According to NGEA RK-2003, Aktobe airfield belongs to class "B".

The total area of ​​the terminal is 9773.9 sq m. The capacity of the terminal: 400 passengers per hour, including:

- international airlines - 200 passengers / hour;

- domestic airlines - 200 passengers per hour.

List of aircraft serviced:

- on operational forms An-24, 26; Yak-40; Tu-134; Tu-154.

- for service B-727; 737, 747, 757, 767; A-319, 320, 321.

The airport serves regular flights, including international (Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Moscow, Antalya) airlines Air Astana, Skat, Beck Air, TransAvia, RusLine.

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