Road transport and roads

The total length of roads of Aktobe region is 6553 km, including roads of Republican significance – 1893 km, regional-1057 km and district significance-3602 km.
Aktobe region is connected with West Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions by the Samara-Shymkent highway, with Atyrau region by the Aktobe-Atyrau-Astrakhan highway, with Kostanay region by the Aktobe-Astana highway.Through roads in the North of Aktobe-Martuk-border of the Russian Federation, Aktobe-Orsk, Karabutak-Komsomol-North-Scatty and the North-West Shubarkuduk-wil-Kobda-Sol-Iletsk region has an exit on the Russian Federation.
The implementation of the international investment megaproject "Western Europe - Western China"has been completed in Aktobe region. The total length of the corridor is 8445 km, including the territory of Kazakhstan - 2787 km. of these, 621 km of the transport corridor is laid on the territory of Aktobe region.

International bus station: "Express»
map-icon Aktobe, PR. 312 p. division, 9zh
phone-icon +7 (7132) 54-54-76

Railway transport

In Aktobe region, the length of Railways in the region is 1514 km, the length of double-track Railways of national importance is 531 km, there are 8 railway stations.

Through the railway network of the Aktobe region has access to:

  • Kyzylorda region by station Sekseul;
  • Atyrau region by Sagyz station;
  • Kostanay region by Aiteke bi station;
  • The West Kazakhstan region of the station Zhaisan;
  • South Ural of the Russian Federation at Nikeltau station;

Aktobe region is one of the leaders of the Western region, serving the main enterprises, such as JSC TNK "Kazchrom", don GOK, Aktobe Ferroalloy plant, a number of crushed stone plants and oil-producing enterprises, including the largest - JSC "SNPS Aktobemunaygas".
For cargo operations, 38 stations are opened, where loading and unloading of various kinds of goods are carried out.
Loading on the road is formed from a large number of goods, including chrome ore, oil, ferrous metal, scrap metal, chemicals, construction goods, industrial raw materials, grain, foodstuffs, etc.
Within the boundaries of the Aktobe branch of the road, there are 6 junction points: zhaysan, Orsk – New City, Aiteke bi, Sagiz, Sekseul, Tassay, of which Orsk-New City is an interstate junction and belongs to the South Ural railway (Russian Railways), Sekseul with Kyzylorda, Sagiz with Atyrau, zhaysan with Ural, Aitekebi with Kostanay and Tassay with Mangystau branches of the road. There are 96 separate points, including stations-54, crossings-36, block posts-6.

Aktobe railway station»
map-icon station square, 22A, Aktobe
phone-icon +7 (7172) 60-66-56

Air transport

Aktobe international Airport is the air gate of Western Kazakhstan, which is located in the industrial region of the Western part of the country. Aktobe region is one of the dynamically developing regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the rapid development of which is associated with the implementation of large-scale oil and gas, mining and other major projects. Geographically and geographically, Aktobe Airport is located at the intersection of major international air navigation routes linking Western Europe with Central and South-East Asia, and is part of the transport infrastructure of Western Kazakhstan. The airport provides reception and service of almost all types of aircraft on routes connecting cities both within the country and near and far abroad.
JSC "Aktobe international Airport" provides all the necessary range of airport services. It includes-a complex of works and services related to the provision of passenger transportation, transportation of baggage and cargo by air, regardless of ownership, when performing regular and one-time (Charter) flights in Kazakhstan, the CIS and abroad. The Airport also provides aircraft with fuel and lubricants and other additional services. The entire airport complex was reconstructed and modernized at Aktobe International Airport. Technical characteristics of the airfield, lighting equipment, passenger terminal and all infrastructure are in compliance with international standards and recommendations of ICAO (international Civil Aviation Organization).



Air Astana

Almaty, Nur Sultan

Bek Air

Almaty, Nur Sultan

Qazaq Air

Nur Sultan, Atyrau, Shymkent


Moscow (Sheremetyevo)


Aktau, Nur Sultan, Antalya

Aktobe international airport»
map-icon Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Aviagorodok
phone-icon +7 (7132) 229 550

Energy infrastructure and heat supply

Electricity supply to consumers of Aktobe is carried out centrally from 110-35 KW networks, which are on the balance of LLP "Aktobe Energosnab", which supplies electricity to the entire Aktobe region.
The city has its own power facilities, focused on JSC "Aktobe CHP" and JSC "Ferrochrome". The total installed capacity of the stations is 207.8 MW.

The main operator-supplier of heat and hot water to the houses and enterprises of the city is JSC "Transenergo", which has been operating for more than 40 years. In total, 76,279 subscribers use Transenergo's services (1994 of them are legal entities). The organization operates 210 km of main and distribution heat networks (140 km of them need to be replaced), 21 boiler rooms, 6 pumping stations and 79 group points.

The main source of heat in the city — Aktobe CHP (JSC "Aktobe CHP") with a capacity of 1139 Gcal. In addition, there are 90 industrial and municipal boilers, as well as Autonomous heating systems and heating furnaces.


Gasification of the city began in the 60s of the XX century. If by 1967 several enterprises of Aktobe used natural gas, today almost all apartment and private houses of the city are provided with gas. Problems with gas supply are mainly experienced by residents of nearby villages in the territory of the city administration. In 2014, 34.8 km of gas supply networks were put into operation.
Gas supply of Aktobe is engaged in monopolist JSC "KazTransGas Aimak", a subsidiary of the national operator in the field of gas and gas supply-JSC "KazTransGas".

Tariffs for industrial and communal services

Name of the service



for legal entities: for 1 kW/hour – 19.53 tenge

Thermal energy

for legal entities: 1 Gcal-5 359.87 tenge

Garbage collection

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 1446 tenge


for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 302.49 tenge


for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 14.69 tenge

Water disposal

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 322,17 tenge

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