Aktobe region today is a dynamically developing economy.

The unique geographical location at the intersection of air, rail, highways and close to the Caspian Sea, through most regions and regions of Central Asia, is associated with European regions.

Economically active population of the region - 441.6 thousand people. The average monthly nominal wage was 106,329 tenge. In 6 universities and 42 colleges provide training in 123 specialties.

In the depths of the Aktobe region are hidden gold, silver, cobalt, potash salts, asbestos, kaolin, glass and stone-color raw materials, natural facing materials, oil bitumen rocks, various raw materials for the production of building materials, mineral water and much more.

Aktobe region is ranked 1st in the ranking of the lowest tariffs for natural gas in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5 km from the center of Aktobe, along the “Western Europe - Western China” autobahn, the Industrial Zone “Aktobe” with an area of ​​200 hectares, which has all the necessary infrastructure, functions.

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