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Aktobe region plans to attract 1.3 trillion tenge of investments in 2024

Aktobe region plans to attract 1.3 trillion tenge of investments in 2024

According to the results of 2023, the region's economy received 1.1 trillion tenge. As noted by Askhat Shakharov, the Akim (governor) of the region, this year the region plans to repeat last year's record and increase investment growth by 15.6%.

During the meeting of the regional investment board, the results of the previous year were announced and plans for this year were outlined. The meeting, chaired by the akim of the region, was attended by Khalidulla Daueshov, the Regional Prosecutor, Galymzhan Yeleuov, the Deputy Akim, Azamat Beket, the Mayor of the City, Heads of Departments, large Enterprises of the Region, participants of the Industrial Zone, and district Akims joined via video conferencing.

"The head of state attaches great importance to the timely implementation of investment projects and increasing investment volumes. Last year, during the President's visit to Aktobe region, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev was presented with the industrial potential of the region and the development plan of our industrial zone. Following the trip, the Head of State instructed to take all necessary measures to launch important and large investment projects. We fully control all stages of the timely implementation of investment projects in the industrial zone. In addition, at the President's instruction, important investment projects are being prosecutorially supervised," the akim of the region said.

Nursultan Uralbayev, Deputy head of the department of industrial-innovative development of the region noted in his speech that by the end of 2023, the volume of investments in manufacturing industries amounted to 84.6 billion tenge. 18 investment projects were implemented, creating over 800 jobs.

"Among the important and large investment projects launched in the region, I would like to mention the factory for processing sludge accumulated at the Donskoy Mining and Processing Plant of ERG since 1973. The project will have a positive impact on the region's ecology. With the opening of the factory, over 270 new jobs have been created. Its cost is 37.4 billion tenge. The plant for the production of mobile drilling rigs of TOO 'Kazakhstan Oil Equipment Plant' worth 4.9 billion tenge and the plant for the production of oil chemicals of TOO 'Munaykhim LTD' worth 726 million tenge. In addition, large industrial producers such as Aktobe Copper Company, ERG, and SNPS-Aktobemunaigaz allocated over 200 billion tenge for the modernization of their enterprises. These and other equally important projects are crucial for the development of the region," Nursultan Uralbayev explained.

In 2024, the region plans to implement 27 investment projects totaling 201 billion tenge. With the launch of these enterprises, over 800 jobs will be created. Among them, the construction of the "Khromtau 1" wind farm by ERG Capital Projects worth 110 billion tenge, the development of the "Limannoye" deposit by Kazgeorud, the construction of a plant for dry magnetic separation of iron ores by GRK Benkala, and a plant for the production of thermal insulation building materials based on sheep wool by KazFilTech are scheduled.

Auez Taimbetov, Chairman of the Board of SPK "Aktobe", focused on projects implemented in the Investment Zone.

"Fifteen projects have already been implemented in industries such as chemical manufacturing, production of building materials, logistics, information technology, paper, and polyethylene waste processing, with a total investment of 29.967 billion tenge. The remaining eleven projects in metallurgical and petrochemical industries, gas equipment manufacturing, food waste processing, with an investment of 18.4 billion tenge and the creation of 737 jobs, will be launched by the end of the year. With the implementation of all 26 projects, the total investment volume will reach 48.3 billion tenge," specified Auez Taimbetov.

Sergey Prokopyev, President of TNK Kazchrome, mentioned that the company will complete investment projects worth 113 billion tenge by the end of the year.

During the meeting, speakers emphasized that issues regarding the allocation of land plots for some investment projects remain unresolved, significantly hindering production launches. Additionally, five projects in the Aktobe Investment Zone may be closed due to their unprofitability. Currently, all of them are idle.

The head of the region instructed to provide support in resolving land issues and to conduct an inspection to clarify the reasons for the idling of enterprises.

Aslanbek Sabitov, Head of the Department for Protection of Public Interests of the Regional Prosecutor's Office, reminded attendees about the ongoing project "Prosecutorial Filter for Investor Protection," aimed at protecting investor rights. Legal support is provided to entrepreneurs at all stages of project implementation, including construction, state expertise, architectural and environmental control, and other procedures. Front offices have been set up in the prosecutor's office to address and promptly resolve investor problems under the "one-stop shop" principle, and a call center operates at +7 (7132) 901448.

Mobile groups of the regional prosecutor's office for business protection operate around the clock. Since the beginning of the year, they have processed over 90 signals from entrepreneurs, almost all of which were justified.

Fifty-three supervisory acts have been drawn up, eight officials have been held accountable, and the rights of 484 entrepreneurs have been protected.

To coordinate further actions, prosecutors proposed developing criteria for including investors in the so-called "Green Corridor" for the region and defining a specific list of privileges with mechanisms for simplifying and expediting investment project implementation.

The head of the region supported the prosecutors' proposal. On the same day, during the staff meeting, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Akimat of Aktobe Region and the Regional Prosecutor's Office for the implementation of the "Green Corridor" for investors. The agreement was signed by the head of the region, Askhat Shakharov, and the regional prosecutor, Khalidulla Daueshov.

As emphasized by both parties, the memorandum is aimed at accelerating and streamlining the procedures for investors to obtain all necessary permits, land plots, infrastructure provision, and overall overcoming bureaucratic barriers.

In conclusion, Askhat Shakharov instructed to ensure the timely execution of tasks assigned to the investment board.

Source: Akimat of Aktobe region

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